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Our Price: $10.99
Observe and navigate the great outdoors Junior explorers can see and know where they're heading with these lightweight, high-tech, soft-grip binoculars with built-in compass and attached neck strap. Large 30mm glass lenses and an easy-turn central focusing feature make distant objects 4x larger. Great for camping trips, nature walks, wilderness expeditions...and in-town explorations of all kinds. Ages 5 and up.

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Our Price: $35.00
The optimum power for children's microscopic exploration is 30-50X. Doubling the power reduces image brightness by four times and the viewing field by 75% resulting in confusing images. This compact microscope features battery powered light source and easy, one-hand operation of focus and light. Detachable 50X MagniScope attaches to stable, removable base with equipment storage compartment. Includes water dropper, brine shrimp eggs and hatchery, sea salt, plastic cover slips, activity guide, and more! Requires two AA batteries, not included. Ages 6 and up

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Our Price: $22.50
Science has never been so fun or so tasty! Discover the fun of physical chemistry as you make your own ice cream, grow a crystal cave in an eggshell, make a giant Bubble Worm, a popsicle ring and much more. Ages 8 and up

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Our Price: $26.00
The science of bubbles just got better. Ages 8 and up

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Our Price: $37.50
*choking hazard - small parts - not for children under 3* Learn about electric current and electrons. Conduct hair-raising experiments with static electricity. Read a brief history of the research and discoveries associated with electricity and electronics. Investigate materials to see if they are conductors or insulators. Assemble series circuits and parallel circuits. Discover the relationships between voltage, current, and power. Experiment with resistors, capacitors, diodes, and LEDs. Investigate logical circuits and transistors. Build an electromagnet, an electric motor, a voltaic pile, a joy buzzer, and a vibrating bug. Learn about how some common electronic devices work, such as cell phones, computers, satellites, and televisions. Parents and grandparents will appreciate this nostalgic kit, updated for today’s kids. With more than 30 hands-on experiments and projects, it offers a great opportunity for parent-son bonding. The full-color, 32-page manual guides your experiments. Ages 8 and up.

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Our Price: $16.00
Whether you see them or not, fingerprints are everywhere. An ace undercover detective must know how to reveal them. By dusting for fingerprints and recording your data, your Fingerprint Kit will help lead you to a positive identification of your suspect. Ages 8 and up

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Our Price: $10.25
Replicas of some of the most amazing creatures in the world. Excellent learning tool to introduce young children to the often-endangered inhabitants of our planet. Educational information in five languages is included with each replica. All our products are hand-painted, phthalate-free and thoroughly safety tested. Replica size: 7" W x 8.75" H [17.75 x 22.2 cm]. Suggested age 3+

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Our Price: $27.00
*choking hazard - small parts - not for children under 3* Now you can harness the power of Mentos® candies and soda into a racing car that travels 200 feet or more! As soon as you release the Mentos® into the soda, the car is off. Strap the soda bottle onto the chassis, add decals to the nosecone and you’re ready to "Start Your Engine." Learn why this works so well and experiment with other types of car power. Experiment with other types of "fuel" with the included Depth Charger. Use the included needle and rubber stopper to convert to an air pump system. Great for Science Fairs! Ages 8 and up

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Our Price: $6.25
Not only are MENTOS® great to eat, but these amazing candies are loaded with wonder. Learn how to create an enormous geyser by combining MENTOS® with soda. The eruption is amazing -- up to 25 feet high -- and so is the science just beneath the surface. The Geyser Tube allows you to load the candies and safely disperse them into the soda bottle. Ages 8+.

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Our Price: $22.50
Ages 6 and up. Turn your classroom into a glow-in-the-dark planetarium thatŐs out of this world! Hang the Sun and nine planets from the ceiling, turn off the lights, and watch your students experience the mysteries of space. ItŐs the perfect springboard for science lessons, discovery activities, and class projects. This easy-to-assemble set includes the Sun and nine planets (with attached hangers), 32 feet of clear plastic line, plus an instruction guide featuring fun, engaging facts about the solar system."

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Our Price: $9.99
Children will enjoy observing bugs and insects in this eye-popping bug house. It has an easy-access bug-faced door, a sturdy handle and lots of ventilation. Dimensions: 5.5" x 7.5" x 3.5" Assembled Recommended Ages: 3+ years

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Our Price: $6.99
Happy Giddy and his big bug eyes will help your child spot moths and butterflies while on a bug hunt. A sturdy wooden handle, in cheery colors and a bright orange net add to summertime fun! Dimensions: 23.2" x 10" x 0.6" Packaged Recommended Ages: 3+ years

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