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LAZER PEN Thumbnail
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Our Price: $14.50
This pen instantly transforms into three amazing spy tools Track suspects with the telescope, or light up your mission with the color-changing lazer pointer — you can even use it like a flashlight

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Our Price: $30.00
Protect your space with invisible lazer beams! Warning alarms alert you to intruders, while 3 lazer units form a perimeter that protects your top secret stuff – just like banks and museums use

MICRO SPY KIT X-8 Thumbnail
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Our Price: $29.00
Launch your next mission on enemy terrain. Once you’ve geared up with the tool belt, set up the motion alarm so you hear them coming. When it sounds, blast your suspect with the pinch shooter! Capture all evidence with the magnetic claw. Decode your next mission with the decoder scope, stow it in the spy wallet, and make your escape.

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Our Price: $10.25
The Nightspyer is the perfect little spy tool for scoping out the darkness without being seen. So small it fits in your pocket or clips on to your Micro Spy Kit utility belt, the Nightspyer is powerful enough for you to see far away even on the darkest night. The spy scope features a red LED beam that cuts through the blackness, only illuminating what you want to see!

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Our Price: $8.00
The micro Spy Motion Alarm is a micro light sensor. When an "intruder" breaks the light beam, the alarm sounds. Set it up it across a door or in a hallway. The invisible beam detects movement up to five feet. Requires 2 AAA batteries, not included.

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Our Price: $10.25
Record your voice with the Spy Gear Voice Scrambler, then twist it, warp it, speed it up, or slow it down! Disguise your voice to pass a secret message, or just have fun recording sounds!


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